Note: Many tracks are encumbered in such a way that I cannot allow playback here. Please contact me for access to my private soundcloud portfolio.

Sprowt – 2003 (EP) Producer, Secondary Engineer, Mixer, Organ

Bryce Mata – Bridge May Be Icy (Single) Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Drums and Percussion, Programming

Bryce Mata – Heart on Call (Single) Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Programming

Bryce Mata – Happy Go Lucky (Single) Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Arrangement, Programming

Marco Pazienza – The Whistler (Single) Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Arrangement, Drums, Keys, Second Guitar

CCR Band – Central’s Celebrate Recovery (Album) Band Leader, Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Arrangement

HK47 – Do It Like A Man (Single) Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Programming

Will Luongo – Mario Kart Love Song (Cover) Performer, Engineer, Mixer, Arrangement